Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Las Vegas Legs

I thought today I would share a party idea that has worked well in the past. Hopefully it will spark an interest in someone.
Las Vegas Legs Night
The idea behind this night is to have fabulously pampered legs and feet for summer. Shorts, dresses, capris and sandals are ready to come out for the season, are your legs and feet ready?

When you invite the guests get creative and make a festive invitation.
Las Vegas Legs Night. Are your legs ready for summer? Find a catchy phrase to put on the invitation. Invite the guests to an evening of girl talk and laughter. You should advise your guest to wear sweats or yoga pants that they can roll up and would not mind if they got slightly damp. For the refreshments you could serve Strawberry daiquiris virgin or notJ

Once the party gets going if you chose to get a couple spas have two ladies start soaking their feet. Lay a couple towels out on the floor and have the other couple of ladies use a wash cloth to dampen their leg, as high as they feel comfortable with. Next have all the ladies use the scrubs, Sugar Scrub for the legs and Satin Hands for the feet if you chose. Rinse the scrubs and use the appropriate Hydrating lotion to replenish the skin. Now switch places and repeat. When everyone is feeling fabulously soft, get out the nail polish and offer to paint their toe nails for the perfect touch. Don’t miss your opportunity to pass out catalogs and take orders while they’re waiting for their toes to dry. Have the hostess refill everyone’s drink so that no one feels rushed. Most of all show the guests how these products in their home can keep their legs looking great for the hot summer ahead.

The products that you would use this night are:
Embrace Harmony Sugar Scrub – To polish away the rough skin
Embrace Harmony Moisture Lotion – Creamy lotion to hydrate
Satin Hands Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub – To polish away the rough skin (optional)
Satin Hands Hand Cream – To hydrate and condition the skin (optional)

Other supplies you will need:
Several wash cloths and hand towels provided by yourself or the host
One or two foot spas (optional)
Three to four polish colors
Refreshments listed below
Great friends

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