Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Party Theme Book

Having trouble booking another party off your current party, here is a way to get the guests excited about hosting a party. It is a party idea book. Now this book can be passed around your entire party to show the ladies just what kind of themed parties they can host. Here are a few of the previous blog ideas to include, do not worry there will be lots more.

1. Las Vegas Legs Night
2. A Coming of Age, How to Apply Make Up
3. Pregnancy Pampering
4. Bunco
5. Bridal Shower
6. Graduation Party

In the book you want to have one page, front and back, per party theme. The front page should just be a picture. So if the theme is Las Vegas Legs Night then have a picture of the strip at night or a very tasteful show girls line perhaps mid high kick to really show off the leg. The back side will contain in the party information, to include the following elements. First, the number of guests this will very slightly per party. For example the Las Vegas Legs only about 4 guests as opposed to Bunco that would have about 12 guests. Secondly you will want to include some things the hostess would need to provide for this party, like specific refreshments, decorations, or maybe special invitation. Last but not least you want to have an overview of the whole party, what will happen at the party, how long it will last, things like this.

Before you pass the book around your class, explain a little about what this book is. Open it up and show one or two themes and talk about the fun and success you and the previous hostesses have had with this party. You just want to get them get excited about having a party. I hope that this will inspire your guests to have their own parties.

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