Thursday, July 12, 2007

11 Recruiting Tips

I found these recruiting tips on They are fabulous, so if you are stuck hopefully one will help you out of the funk you are in. I modified some of them to fit with Mary Kay.

1. One of the first mistakes everyone makes in recruiting is trying to find that one "perfect" recruit, and you have overlooked the other nine who would have been "good" in this business. Each person has their own characteristics and personality. Each person with their special traits can succeed in this business. Try and harness the great qualities that each person has and make them work for the business.

2. When you are looking for women who may be great and successful in the company. Usually the women who have a fun loving personality and are outgoing are the best. They will tend to stay with the business longer as they will not get tired of getting up in front of the group.

3. When you are recruiting try not think about what is in it for you, about much money you will make if this person succeeds. Try to think about what this business can do for them and their family.

4. Do not wait for someone to approach you about the opportunities in Mary Kay. It may happen occasionally but most of the time you will be approaching people about what this great company can do for them.

5. Recruiting at parties is the most obvious and easiest way to find new consultants. However there are opportunities everywhere you have to train your brain to be open to them.

6. Take a moment and find out what she is looking for in her life. Is she looking for extra money or just a chance to quit her job and be at home with her kids? Then tell her the great things Mary Kay can do for her. How this company can meet her needs. Find the “win” in it for her.

7. When you meet someone who you really think has something to offer the company, tell her that. Explain how she will impact Mary Kay and how Mary Kay can impact her life, bring it close to home.

8. Look for an attractive person but don't let looks deceive you. Look for someone who smiles and can get along with people, one who loves the products and believed that your company is best for her.

9. Make sure and show them that this business can be done full time or part time. This is whatever you make of it. Treat you business as a job and put your best into, when your possible consultants see your hard work it can only inspire them.

10. If she has been to a show already, show her your books and the profit that can be made in this company. She how much time is spent in the beginning and how much time you spend now on the company.

11. Listen to the women who want everything but cannot afford anything. Perhaps a woman whose children are grown and have moved out and she is now bored. These are your new consultants.

What ideas do you have for finding new recruits? Please share them so we can all learn new ways to do things.

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