Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hostess coaching

1. Hostess Packet. This is your first chance with that person to make an impression, make it a good one. Take the time to review the hostess packet with them. Show them the hostess gift they will receive and amount of credit they will receive for each sales level. Be thorough but not condescending. Have your hostess packet be fabulous. Put catalogs, order forms, maybe a couple samples of a new product and the scavenger hunt list (see previous blogs). Of course you need the invites for the party. Remember always come prepared with enough packets for each person who might want to do a show. That would be horrible to not have a packet for someone who wanted one.

2. Guest List. Include in your packet the 40 guests in 4 minutes (see previous blog) sheet for them to fill out. Ask for the guest list in about three or four days, write that date at the top of the form next to your phone number, which should be printed on the form. If you do not have the guest list, then drop them a friendly postcard or give them a call five or six days later.

3. Wish List. This is a great idea I got off of the Have a guest list in the packet as well. The hostess can write down all of the items she would like to get. You can work with her on a strategy to meet this goal. Explaining to her that if she wants all of that for free she will need this amount in sales, this will help show her the importance of attendance and outside orders.

4. Outside Orders. One way for the guest to reach their sales goal is with outside orders. This is for the people who cannot make the show or who live too far away. Set a goal with her of $100.00, at least, in outside orders before the show.

5. Days Before. About three days before the show I call the hostess and remind her to make reminder calls to her guests and encourage them to bring a friend. If you are offering a raffle at the show tell the guest they would get two tickets for bringing someone. The day before the show I call her to see how things are going. Check on the outside orders and ask about how many guest she is expecting.

6. Career Opportunities. I like to meet with hostess either before or after the show and talk with her about the opportunities this company has to offer her. Ask her if she has ever thought about doing what I do. I like to review with her what my job is the behind the scenes. Then I ask if she would be interested in becoming a consultant.

I hope that these ideas have helped you learn how to encourage your hostess to have the best show possible and maybe even join a fantastic company. What do you do to prepare your hostesses? Please comment and share them.

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