Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Organize your desk

Today I was trying to print off my hostess letter for next month to mail out. When I realized I was out of ink. I went in search of ink, when I finally found the ink it took me 15 minutes to clean off the top of my printer. It was then and there I noticed how out of control my desk has gotten. I mean it was bad. Papers were just in piles, not even organized piles, just piles. So I spent a significant portion of my day cleaning and organizing my desk, which needless to say sent the rest of my day out of schedule, so I went on a search. A search for ways to keep your home office organized. I found a great article on the wahmconnetion.com, I was going to paraphrase it but then I could not decide which parts to cut out, so here is the whole thing.

“Many of my clients are truly frantic because their desks are such a mess. They can't find slips of paper on which they wrote important phone numbers; they know they received information they sent for, but it's buried in a pile of paper; they were working on a chapter of a novel, but the notes for the next chapter are gone. Here's how I counsel them when I make a house call:
Address your desk problems in blocks of time. You may be able to straighten out the clutter in a few hours, or you may need a weekend. Sometimes it's better to devote a couple of hours a day to the job until you're done.

Have on hand a trash can, a pen, file folders, labels and the other desk organizational aids mentioned above that suit your needs.

Clear the space you want to organize (the desk surface, one of the drawers, etc.). Then make a big pile of all the paper.

Evaluate each item, categorize it and put it away (in the desk drawer, in a file, in one of the desk organizers, etc.), throwing out as much as possible.

Even when you are feeling overwhelmed, just keep sorting and categorizing. If you devote the necessary time, your desk can be cleared.

Enlist the help of a partner; a spouse, a secretary, someone who can help you keep going.
Organization is a skill that can be learned. The most difficult part is breaking your lifelong bad habits (like letting your paperwork pile up). The key to getting better organized is to start with one small step and then take others one at a time. You may find that what you've put off for years takes only an hour to do. And once you see the benefits in one part of your life, you'll be motivated to go on.

If you implement the ideas given here, you'll be free from chaos and feel in charge of your life. Once you've started, stick with it. Getting organized is the first step; persistence and follow-through will keep you that way. Now, go get started."

About The Author: Ronnie Eisenberg, a nationally recognized time-management and organizational expert.

Let me know what you think about the tip. Is this something that will help you, maybe? I am going to include the bold points in my September hostess letter. Everyone could use a little help in the office area.

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