Thursday, July 19, 2007

Price Is Right

I’ve never heard of this game but it sounds quite interesting. I will give it a try at a party this weekend and let you know how it goes. I could see this game being a great success. It also incorporates the raffle system that I have talked about in my previous blogs. So here goes and thanks again to

This game offers an alternative and fun way to describe some of your products.
First, choose products you want to highlight. You’ll need 1 for the first “item up for bid;” 3 for the first “pricing game;” 1 for the 2nd item up for bid; 1 for the 2nd pricing game; 1 for the 3rd item up for bid; and one for the 3rd game.

In between games 1 and 2 will be a “Commercial Break” and in between games 2 and 3 will be a “commercial break.”

Ask for 3 volunteers to bid on the first item. Give each a ticket (I use tickets and draw one winner at the end of the show; others use auction dollars) for volunteering. Describe your first item. Ask each to guess the actual price without going over. The person guessing closest to the real price wins. Award one ticket for winning; 2 tickets for exact price guess. The winner plays the first pricing game. This game is “Which two?” or “Same Price.” Describe 3 items—two of which have the exact same price—and ask the player to guess which two are priced exactly the same. Award one ticket for an incorrect guess and two tickets for a correct guess.

1st commercial break—guests ask you questions about your hostess program. Award a ticket for each question asked.

2nd item up for bid—if there are enough guests, ask for 3 new volunteers. If there are not enough guests, replace the winner from game 1 with a new contestant. Describe your next item. Winner plays the 2nd pricing game—“More than or Less than.” Describe one of your items and state an incorrect price for that item. Ask the player if the actual price is “more than or less than” the amount you stated. Award one ticket for an incorrect answer and two tickets for the correct answer.

2nd commercial break—guests ask you questions about your business and its wonderful opportunities. Award a ticket for each question asked.

3rd item up for bid—repeat #2 process. 3rd pricing game—“higher or lower.” Describe an item and have the player guess the price. You then tell her if the actual price is higher or lower than her guess. Keep doing this until she gets it right (it’s the “clock game” on the TV show). Award two tickets for getting the right price.

WOW this really does sound fun! Now you can highlight new product lines, like the Lotus and Bamboo body care set. This is something that not a lot of people would know about. Also think of the perfumes and men’s care line. I will keep you up to date on how this goes.

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