Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I love games and ice breakers. They are a great way to get the party going. Women tend to really enjoy them as well. I have found that since I started doing some games and ice breakers at my shows, which has increased. Now I know that this is in part due to experience with the shows. The more shows you do or practice at the less nervous and smoother things will flow. You will also just be able to read people and how the party is going. Some people you can be a little more direct in asking them to book show then others.

So a lot of the games and icebreakers have a prize at the end. This can get a little expensive if you are handing out a prize, gift or discount every time. So I really like to do a raffle for one prize or discount at the end. So you can get a roll of raffle tickets at almost any office supply store, remember keep your receipt for taxes. I have a small board written up with how you get tickets and how many you get. Here is list that I have posted next to a small fish bowl.

Booking a show 3 tickets
Placing an order 2 tickets
Bringing a friend, who was not, invited 2 tickets
Just for coming 1 ticket
Winning a game 1 ticket
Giving a product testimonial 1 ticket

I have the women write their names on tickets when the receive one and then place it in the bowl. At the end of the show I draw a name and that person wins a small gift or prize. I usually like to offer a 10% or 15% discount as my prize. If the person was border line on placing an order they usually will or they may increase their order. If you are giving the discount as the prize you need find out if people are placing an order before you draw so they can get their tickets. If you take all the orders and had out tickets then draw for a winner it is better to use a prize or gift instead of a discount, however you still can.

Now if you do not want to run through tickets that fast you can have the tickets numbered. So instead of having the guest put their name on the back of the ticket they get number 1 so all of the tickets they receive have a number one on the back. I did this when I first started. I took about twelve tickets per number and wrote the number on the back of the ticket with a sharpie. Then at the party I would just assign each person a number and whenever they won something they got a ticket with their number. This way when the party was over I could reuse the tickets at the next party. Occasionally I would have to replace the tickets if they got bent or torn but not as quickly as having the guest write their name on it.

This is just another way to make the party fun without having to cut into your profits as much. Have you done parties with a raffle? Did you like it and how did it go? Please share you experience with this.

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