Friday, August 10, 2007

42 Booking Ideas

I always like to share new booking tips when I find them. We need to help each other out. I was looking for some new ways to spread the word, not the typical PTA meeting or welcome wagon basket. I did do a blog with those ideas in it. This list seems to have some fresh ideas though. So do not work for me but they may work for someone else. I got these on

1. Take advantage of the advertising of others.
2. Call others about their ads and offer them your service.
3. Post flyers in apartments.
4. Leave catalogs a auto repair shops.
5. Wear a badge.
6. Wear buttons.
7. Approach bake sales with a fund raiser.
8. Let your bank now what the deposit is for. Give the teller a catalog.
9. Barter-Trade your product/service.
10. Hang a flyer inside a bathroom stall door. Captive audience.
11. Bring a catalog to a beauty salon.
12. Use bumper stickers.
13. Let everyone you ever worked with know what you do.
14. Make a goal to give out a certain number of cards per day.
15. Hand out your business card with all transactions each day. Always ask for a business card in return
16. Free lunch drawings. Put your card in fish bowls.
17. Get a restaurant to sponsor your drawing.
18. Magnetize your business card.
19. Use your card as a bookmark in the library books. Leave them in the books when you return your them.
20. Instead of tear flyers use your business card at the bottom of the flyer.
21. Look for bulletin boards and leave a flyer.
22. Hang a sign on your car window about your business.
23. Bumper stickers
24. Fundraiser Car Washes--stop in and tell them of your fundraiser.
25. Put up catalogs in all waiting rooms.
26. Join a club or network group.
27. Corporate Gift Giving. Offer your product.
28. Leave a lead box in businesses you go to a lot, like a nail salon
29. Go door to door--introduce yourself and your business, around your neighborhood
30. Look on the internet for new bulletin boards to post your product.
31. Fast food, where the Moms are.
32. Always keep flyers with you to hand out.
33. Former Business Associates.
34. Former Customers
35. If your neighborhood has an annual garage sale, have some catalogs out on the cash table.
36. Wear a name tag to the grocery store.
37. Church Bazaars
38. Home Owner Association. Put an ad in their paper.
39. College newspapers and bulletin boards.
40. Hospital waiting rooms--Always leave a catalog.
41. Always wear a logo to the health club.
42. Do cross-promotions with other businesses.

I thought that some of these ideas are pretty creative. What ways do you use to get new bookings?

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