Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Online Parties

Online Parties are a great way for people with busy lives to be able to host a party. Chances are if they are busy their friends will be too and on online party works well for them also.

There are draw backs to having an online party. You are not there next to them to promote your product. You do not have the opportunity to show them how much fun Mary Kay is and maybe have them host a party.

There are advantages though to having an online party. The guest can access the virtual make over and see how different product may look on them with their hair style and facial shape. This feature on the Mark Kay website is fabulous; the system puts together several looks for each person on the system.

You overcome the other draw backs listed by keeping the guest well informed. In the hostess packet for an online party instead of invitations you would have flyers. This would provide the guest with your web address and a listing of all the specials happening for the party. Consider offering a percentage off or free shipping when a set dollar amount is spent. I like to offer free shipping for any order over $50.00. Sometimes people have a set limit, like $40.00 and this might entice them to spend a little more.

You will want to make some follow up calls with each guest about half way through the week that the party is open. See if they have any product questions or concerns that you can answer. Possibly ask if they would like to host a party, if the call is going well.

I will touch more on the online parties later this month. Give it try if you haven’t yet. If you have done it, care to share any tips with your fellow consultants?

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