Thursday, August 9, 2007

Men's Party

Throwing a men’s party will be a little bit more difficult then other parties. The first one I threw was actually thrown by a woman for her husband and some of his friends.

How to get them there is the big question right? Throw a sport party. Promise that you will keep your spiel to a minimum and then they can enjoy the food and the game. Be sure and keep your explanations brief and to the point. Men enjoy hearing that they are getting a bargain. Try offering a discount if they purchase the men’s skin care gift set or maybe even free shipping.
Now I am sure you are wondering why in the previous paragraph I said game. You should have this party on a game day. You know football, basketball or baseball. Make the show an hour before the game so you have plenty of time to talk, for them to sample and to complete the orders without encroaching on game time.

Who ever is throwing the party should have game day food there for them. For example chips, buffalo wings, chicken and cookies. Those sorts of foods are always a hit. The beverage could be soda or beer if they chose to spend that much. The great thing about this party is that men have game day parties already so spending the money on food and beverages really is not an extra cost.

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